Sorry For the Damage (2016)

A prankster runs for his life after messing with the wrong car.

This project was codenamed Project Dream Team and was the first time this particular cast and crew had worked together. The story originates from a prank Brian Mok pulled on Alex Morrow, on the April Fools’ Day of 2014.





  • Director: Brian Mok
  • Director of Photography: Alex Morrow
  • Screenwriter: Samantha Fuentes
  • Also Written By: Brian Mok, Alex Morrow, and Sapele Satele
  • Editor: Brian Mok
  • Sound Designer: Sapele Satele
  • Prankster 1: Michael Parsons
  • Victim: Alex Morrow
  • Prankster 2: Brian Mok

Featuring original music by Sapele Satele: