Stoneheart (2017) – Short Horror Film

A cursed statue comes to life in a violent defense of women.

A little over a month ago, I worked as a production assistant on a small production called “Stoneheart” (dir. Alex Haughey) for Eli Roth’s Crypt TV. Since the cast and crew were limited in terms of size, we each had to take on extra roles on set. In addition to performing my production assistant work, I took on some grip and electric work, as well as being the second assistant camera for a few shots. In addition, I was also a spotter for an actor during a small stunt and figured out how a small prop should be placed.

Overall, this film is the product of the passion of a group of filmmakers that got together one weekend (and a bit longer than that for post-production), and I think it shows through. Enjoy.





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