A Short Film Made Entirely On Snapchat

As an entry to the Tribeca Film Festival’s new Snapchat Shorts category, I shot an entire two-minute short film entirely on Snapchat. Everything in camera. No post-production. All shot live and in real time.

The film is titled, “I’m Being Followed,” and it is inspired by a true story that my roommate had to go though. It is shot as a found-footage film and is about a college student documenting his encounters with his stalker on his Snapchat story. The estimated release date of the film is mid-April of 2017. You can watch the film here!


The week before principal photography started was full of rewrites of the script and trying to find actors for the film. It was a bit of a hectic time, with midterms going on the same week, but I managed to survive through pre-production and got to be ready for production to start.

It turns out that it was very worthwhile to go through all of that. Shooting a film chronologically usually doesn’t make sense, but with the limitations of Snapchat stories, that was what we needed to do. Not only was each scene shot chronologically, every scene needed to be shot at specific times already planned out during pre-production to be right on time for the story and not disappear. To make things more difficult, the entire film had to be shot within a 24-hour time period, which started with the very first shot of the film. If we were not able to pull that off, entirety of principal photography would have to be reset to the very beginning.

Did I mention that I didn’t know how to use Snapchat before all of this? Well, yeah, I didn’t know how to use Snapchat at all. Learning how to use it should have been a simple process, but it wasn’t. Using the app on Android just plain sucks. I shot the entire film on my Google Pixel and the app even lags on it. I ran into so many problems during production. There were many times that the app crashed and played previous videos randomly while I was trying to watch another. On top of all that, the app lagged throughout the entire process. Overall, Snapchat is just a mess of an app.

Despite all these issues, we managed to pull through and make a film. It’s already been submitted to Tribeca and we’ll know if we’ll make a spot in the finals by April.

Update 29 March 2017: Unfortunately the film did not make a spot in the finals at Tribeca. However, the films that did look amazing.

Update 25 April 2017: It’s the online premiere! You can now watch the film below:

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